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Sarah N.
California Breed: Chihuahua

Very professional, compassionate, knowledgeable and

Very professional, compassionate, knowledgeable and helpful!


Melanie P.
Arizona Breed: Chihuahua


Absolute perfection

Sleepy is happy, she was delivered on time actually early which was so enjoyable. Her disposition is playful and well adjusted. If you are looking for a Chihuahua, please consider cutechihuahuapups! She slept in the bed all night without crying. Absolutely exceptional dog. I’m so happy and so in love. Transaction was honest, questions were answered quickly. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Lisa N.
New York Breed: Chihuahua

Lovely puppy

The customer reps at cutechihuahuapups were amazing. They were very responsive and answered all my questions. My breeder was also in contact with me and very helpful. The puppy is amazing. He has a great demeanor. I’m very happy with cutechihuahuapups.


Dina N.
New York Breed: Chihuahua

I would have liked more

I would have liked more information about the puppy and her breaded.


Oris R.
Mississippi Breed: Chihuahua




Danielle “Dani” C.
California Breed: Chihuahua

So impressed!

So impressed!


Stephanie N.
Massachusetts Breed: Chihuahua


Amazing Service

My experience with cutechihuahuapups was phenomenal. My pup was described perfectly and the team was so easy to work with regarding logistics of transport and purchase. My representative was extremely responsive, even on her day off to ensure the pup I was looking at was the right fit for me. My new puppy, Kona, has a calm personality, exactly as described and makes the perfect ESA dog just like my representative confirmed. I recommended cutechihuahuapups to everyone looking for their perfect puppy match!


David A.
Massachusetts Breed: Chihuahua

From the initial phone call

From the initial phone call thru the excitement of meeting our new family member at pick up, the service and complete experience was very positive. The welcome box was an unexpected delivery which got us even more excited for the delivery day. I would absolutely recommend cutechihuahuapups. We love our little Cooper and his adjustment to his new home has been smooth. Thank you


Steve S.
California Breed: Chihuahua

Thank you for selling health

Thank you for selling health puppies. Our smoky is 6 months old.


Kathy S.
California Breed: Chihuahua


cutechihuahuapups- Fantastic Service

Daisy is thriving in her new home. cutechihuahuapups was amazing. I love the fact if I needed to each out for guidance they would be there for me. If you are looking for puppy, I would highly recommend cutechihuahuapups.


Stephen F.
California Breed: Chihuahua

The experience has been terrific.

The experience has been terrific. Great communication throughout, including when the puppy was in transit. Puppy arrived on time, healthy, and in great spirits. Thank you.


Elaine M.
California Breed: Chihuahua


Well Done

From beginning to end every step of the way every thing was perfect! They let me know before hand what each step would be. The puppy hand off was great very professional! I would recommend cutechihuahuapups!


Rita S.
California Breed: Chihuahua

Everyone was helpful and our

Everyone was helpful and our sweet puppy arrived on time and in great condition. thank you all.


William C.
Colorado Breed: Chihuahua

We love our new addition

cutechihuahuapups was excellent. There were some travel challenges because of hot weather from Florida to Colorado but cutechihuahuapups was constantly in communication and were very easy to work with. We’re very happy with everything and we already love our new family member!


Nathaly R.
Georgia Breed: Chihuahua


We are excited about this

We are excited about this new member. All experience was great. Thanks for everything


Tarita C.
Michigan Breed: Chihuahua


We are excited to have

We are excited to have our new addition to our family. Our fur baby really brightens our lives. We love our Kassie.


Hildegard C C.
Texas Breed: Chihuahua

Dexter Earl is doing well,

Dexter Earl is doing well, he is growing and is very smart. Dr gave him clean Bill of Health. This little guy has my heart and fills my life with love and joy. You did a “awesome ” job getting him to me..THANK YOU❤


Edwin C.
New York Breed: Chihuahua

Very good experience from beginning

Very good experience from beginning to end everyone was attentive and eager to help from providing information to inquiring if we had any questions..


Tricia K.
Pennsylvania Breed: Chihuahua


One happy fur-mama

I cannot say enough about how thankful I am to have found cutechihuahuapups! From purchasing, to updates on the app, to traveling. Nate and Gary from Premiere Pet Travel were outstanding and I know he was in safe hands. All questions were answered, in detail. My puppy is home, happy, and healthy! I highly recommend cutechihuahuapups for anyone who wants to bring home a new family member!


Mark B. S.
Georgia Breed: Chihuahua

No issues with my pup.

No issues with my pup. Transportation was 2 hours and 40 minutes late. It was almost 11 pm when Rex arrived at the pick up spot. Late delivery’s can be a problem when traffic or accidents cause delays. I still had over an hour to drive to get home.


Mary C.
South Carolina Breed: Chihuahua


New Frenchie

Puppy site easy to use. Follow up and questions answered within a day. Contacted me several times. Drivers called and easy pick up. So happy new baby!


Stacy D.
Washington Breed: Chihuahua



We love our puppy. Thanks for the helpful and smooth process.


Claudia S.
California Breed: Chihuahua

Teacup Pomeranian and new family are happy 🙂

I am extremely happy for getting my baby fur from cutechihuahuapups. They are very professional and they care about finding the right puppy for right family. My whole family loves Timmy and he is extremely happy at his forever home. Thank you again to all the staff that stayed in contact with me since the first interview to the time of delivery. It was an awesome experience.


Eliza E F.
Massachusetts Breed: Chihuahua

Love cutechihuahuapups!

This was our second time using cutechihuahuapups, and it went just as smoothly this time around. Great communication and our little guy arrived right on time!


Dianne C.
New Mexico Breed: Chihuahua


Day full of joy

Our little pup Logan has been with us for 11 days and everyday has been a joy. He’s 90% potty trained and 100% crate trained. Is absolutely gorgeous. Has a great personality and is already part of the family. He fit right in from the moment he arrived. Thanks so much for bringing us so much joy and happiness.


Mary Ann L.
Maryland Breed:Chihuahua

This puppy has warmed the

This puppy has warmed the hearts and minds of everyone she has met. She is almost perfect in every way and is going to school on Monday. We are only having potty training issues and also a bit of non sleep for me at night until she adjusts. No pictures as yet except for text messages.