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Hi! I’m Treacy Doggie! I came from Solano and now in foster loving it! My foster dad says I’m very affectionate and so sweet! I’m learning all about life, I’m great in a pen, great to cuddle, love going on walks and overall learning to be more independent! I’m in foster with another dog and we are having a blast! I’m just about potty trained and can be left alone for a while with no problem. My foster dad is so great about exposing me to the world!

Breed: Chihuahua puppies

Sex: Female

Age: 8-11 weeks

Price: $500 – $1000

Registry: AKC



Meet Treacy, the Adorable Chihuahua Puppy That Will Melt Your Heart

Meet Treacy, the pint-sized bundle of joy that is stealing hearts everywhere. In this article, we’ll explore the irresistible charm of this cute Chihuahua puppy, from his playful antics to his lovable personality.

1. Treacy’s Playful Beginnings: From the moment Treacy scampered into our lives, his playful spirit became infectious. Whether chasing his tail or bouncing around the room, this Chihuahua knows how to bring joy into any space.

2. Those Big, Soulful Eyes: Treacy’s most captivating feature? His big, soulful eyes that seem to speak volumes. Those puppy-dog eyes can melt even the coldest heart, making it impossible to resist showering him with love and affection.

3. A Petite Package of Cuteness: Despite his small stature, Treacy is a powerhouse of cuteness. His tiny frame and dainty paws make him the perfect lap companion, always ready to snuggle up for some quality bonding time.

4. Treacy’s Unique Markings: What sets Treacy apart from the rest? His unique coat markings! A blend of caramel and cream, his fur is a work of art that adds to his overall charm. It’s like having a living, breathing teddy bear by your side.

5. Treacy’s Social Butterfly Persona: Treacy isn’t just a cute face; he’s also a social butterfly. Whether meeting new furry friends at the park or charming guests at home, this Chihuahua knows how to spread happiness wherever he goes.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Treacy is not just a pet; he’s a member of the family. His playful nature, expressive eyes, petite size, unique markings, and social charm make him the epitome of adorable. If you’re looking for a furry friend to brighten your days, Treacy is the cute Chihuahua puppy you’ve been waiting for. Prepare to be enchanted by his cuteness!


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