We understand just how important the safe shipping of your dog is. We are delivering to you a member of your family, and we will treat your dog like it was our own.  

Throughout our more than 16 years of service, we have been offering guarantees with various conditions and of different lengths, but all based on the same principles. We have come to realize that the length of the guarantee doesn’t matter as much as the coverage it offers. What’s even more important than the guarantee that comes with your dog, is of course the dog itself. We all want to own healthy dogs and not have to worry about health issues and how to validate a guarantee. 

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Once you’ve chosen your puppy service, we will do all the paper work to ensure that your puppy is delivered safely and timely. Depending on distance and your location, we will decide to use either Air or Land transport.

With careful planning and when the right choices are made, transporting a puppy by plane or vehicle can both be safe options. When shipping puppies or traveling with other young pets, extra steps need to be taken to ensure their safety. To help your puppy have a safe and easy trip, here are a few things to consider:

Once a family chooses their puppy we take upon ourselves the responsibility of giving the puppy all its vaccinations and ensuring it has a clean bill of health before it is sent to them. We prepare all the necessary documentation and arrange the shipping of the puppy to any major airport in the world by air, or on the road. We only take the puppies away from their mothers at the latest possible time so they don’t have to get used to a temporary environment before they join their new, forever families.