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What Age Should You Bring Home Your Chihuahua Puppy?

What Age Should You Bring Home Your Chihuahua Puppy?

The crucial phase in a puppy’s growth is socialization.

Puppy littermates teach them vital life skills.
Young puppies are carefully introduced to new people and experiences by good breeders.

You can’t wait to bring home that gorgeous bundle of fur because you’re getting a puppy. Not a single second of your new baby’s puppyhood should be missed.

But hold on. The habits your dog may exhibit for the rest of his life may be impacted by bringing home a puppy that is too young, and not always in a positive way. Where can i buy chihuahua puppies online in arkansas
So, when a puppy enters your home, what age do you think is ideal? The answer to this topic is influenced by a wide range of elements as well as various points of view. The ideal time to bring home a puppy, according to the majority of doctors and breeders, is between 8 and 10 weeks old. This is why. Where can i buy chihuahua puppies online in america

Period of Socialization

The socialization stage is a key consideration when deciding when to place a puppy in a new home. Dr. Sally Foote, a veterinarian and behaviorist, states that puppies’ socializing stage normally lasts from 6 to 12- to 14-weeks-old.

Puppies are learning the social rules of their environment at this time, and they are also developing attitudes and behaviors that they will maintain as adult dogs. Puppies should be introduced to as many different people, animals, stimuli, and situations as is safe and doesn’t overstimulate them, according to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.

A puppy’s socialization during this stage has a significant impact on the habits, self-assurance, and bonds the dog will have for the rest of his life. The puppy will also develop a close bond with the people taking care of him during this period. Where can i buy chihuahua puppies online in atlanta georgia

Finding Out From Your Neighbors

Puppies also go through a time known as the primary socialization stage, which starts when they are three to five weeks old and when they start to become more aware of their surroundings. Puppies learn how to play appropriately, interact with other canines, and bond to them through their mother and littermates.

Additionally, they pick up basic impulse control and biting inhibition skills through their mother and sibling input.

According to studies, pups who are taken from their litters extremely young are more likely to exhibit behavioral and temperamental issues as adults, such as being scared, hostile, or anxious; protecting their food and toys; being highly reactive and more challenging to teach.

On the other hand, puppies who spend too much time with their littermates may begin to exhibit dominating or submissive characteristics that can also cause issues. Where can i buy chihuahua puppies online in austin texas

Care for Breeders’ Puppy

It’s crucial to ensure your contentment with the breeder’s choices regarding your puppy before purchasing a dog. Find out the breeder’s plans for your dog’s weaning, socialization, and when you can take the puppy home.

working Shetland sheepdogs from a breeder During the socializing phase, Claire Apple prefers to keep her puppies in her house. At 12 weeks old, her puppies are adopted out to working or sporting families. She does this in order to have some control over the experiences her puppies have during their fear and socialization phases and to start the targeted training they will require in their new homes.

Puppy socialization should be done carefully from an early age. Children and other adults, car journeys, crate time, noises, surfaces, grooming equipment, solid food, the outdoors, and individual attention are all things that good breeders gradually introduce their puppies to. Puppies can benefit from new experiences, bounce back from unexpected events, and learn to like being handled as they start to form relationships with people.

Breeders may instruct puppy owners on how to socialize their puppies safely and appropriately when they are placed in new homes without overloading or frightening them. Where can i buy chihuahua puppies online in alabama


Another aspect that affects when a pup can leave the litter is weaning. According to Dr. Jerry Klein, chief veterinary officer of the AKC, most puppies start the gradual transition from their mother’s milk to solid food between three and five weeks of age.

“This procedure may take a few weeks, and the puppies may experience some anxiety. Puppies shouldn’t be brought home until they are content eating by themselves. Puppies who are not allowed to suckle for nourishment and comfort may subsequently exhibit insecure behavior. Where can i buy chihuahua puppies online in arizona

Legal Restrictions

Puppies must typically be at least 8 weeks old in some areas according to the law before they can be sold to the general public. In about 15 of the 28 states, it is against the law to sell a puppy to a child.

Nonprofit humane groups or animal shelters are frequently exempt from these restrictions under the regulations. Only pet dealers, retail pet stores, or pet breeders are subject to the laws in several states. Where can i buy chihuahua puppies online in birmingham alabama

Different Canines, Different Circumstances

Because toy breed puppies are so little and delicate, some breeders may decide to keep them past the 8-week mark.

The breeder may decide to hold off on placing a puppy if it will be traveling a great distance to its new home, especially if it will be by airline, until the puppy has had the majority of its shots and is better prepared to manage the stress of traveling both physically and emotionally.

According to a seasoned dog trainer and development expert, 8 to 9 weeks is the ideal time for a puppy to be adopted by a new owner, when the puppy is prepared to form a close attachment. The same trainer said that if the breeder is spending a lot of time and effort socializing and teaching the puppy, the puppy might also benefit from being with its littermates a little bit longer.

The bottom line is to consult your dog trainer, veterinarian, and breeder. You’ll be more prepared on the big day if they advise you to wait a week or two longer for the healthy development of your new buddy. Where can i buy chihuahua puppies online in canada